Having a Tree Removed? Three Novel Ways to Use the Leftover Wood Around Your Garden

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Having a Tree Removed? Three Novel Ways to Use the Leftover Wood Around Your Garden

7 December 2016
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Having a tree removed leaves you with a whole lot of wood, and you might be wondering what to do with it. Burning it on a fire is the obvious option but isn't very interesting and won't be relevant if you don't have a fireplace. Finding ways to use the wood around your garden is a nice way to allow the tree to 'live on', and you can create some really useful and unique features. Read on for three novel ideas.

Create a rustic log bench

If you like to sit outside and you enjoy garden furniture with a natural look, then creating a rustic log bench is the perfect project. Most tree removal contractors will be more than happy to cut your tree trunk into logs, so you won't need to worry about that. If you have a specific size of bench in mind, then plan ahead and ask for the trunk to be cut into the correct size pieces. The most basic log bench needs one long log for a seat and two shorter logs to support the seat. Attach the seat by cutting ridges into the legs and slotting it firmly into these. Sand down the area that you will sit on to make it more comfortable and avoid splinters.

Use wood chips as a ground covering

Most tree removal companies will own a wood chipping machine and can turn your tree into wood chip for a small extra cost. This is a great option if you want to make use of the wood but don't have time to carry out a big project. All you'll need to do is pick a place and lay down the wood chip. It can be used to create pretty paths around the garden, spread over flowerbeds as an effective mulch that will improve the quality of soil, or used as a soft ground covering beneath children's play equipment.

Make hollow log birdhouses

This is a fun, simple project, ideal for bird-lovers. Natural bird houses fit in well with their surroundings and often attract new wildlife more effectively than their store-bought counterparts. All you'll need to do is hollow out a small log, drill a hole large enough for birds to enter, and attach to a tree or wall. You could also attach a thin dowel as a perch. Creating multiple birdhouses in different shapes and sizes will help you to attract different species.

Next time you arrange some tree management, don't forget to make plans for the leftover wood too—there's so much you can do!