5 Common Reasons To Seek Tree Removal From Commercial Premises

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5 Common Reasons To Seek Tree Removal From Commercial Premises

31 December 2016
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Normally, most tree removal services are carried out on residential premises. However, commercial premises need tree removal services as well. This service can be sought on commercial premises where the tree(s) in question is hampering the aesthetics, safety or the ability of the occupants to work. In this article, learn about the different reasons why you may need to seek a tree removal service at work.

Excessive noise from birds nesting on trees

Birds love to create nests on trees. And although this is very natural, nesting birds in a commercial property can bring about noise that disrupts the peace and quiet of the workplace. When the noise from the birds starts to disrupt work, you can seek to have the trees in question removed as a way of getting rid of the birds. Of course, this will require that the tree removalist first extract the birds and bird nests.

Droppings on roof or paving from birds nesting on trees

Birds can also cause another nuisance on your commercial property – that of dirtying the premises via their droppings. Such bird droppings can smear on the paving, walls, windows and roofs. Needless to say this can ruin the aesthetics of the area, not to mention increase the maintenance requirements of the property.

Dirt from leaves and flowers coming from trees

You can also seek to have the trees on your commercial property removed if the leaves and flowers are causing too many problems for the aesthetics of your outdoor space. Leaves and flowers from the trees can carpet your lawn or paving and even cause blockage to roofing gutters. If this becomes too much work, the obvious option is to have the trees removed, trimmed or lopped.

Risk of falling branches from trees

Aesthetics aside, trees inside your commercial premises can also pose a safety risk. For example, falling branches can pose a risk to parked cars, pedestrians or the property. In other cases, the trees themselves may be at risk of falling or leaning dangerously close to the property either due to abnormal growth or rot. In such cases, tree removal is the safest thing to do.

Potential damage to paving or drain pipes by tree roots

You can also seek to have the trees removed from your commercial premises if their roots pose a structural threat to your outdoor paving, internal flooring or drain pipes. Tree roots have been known to cause such damage in many occasions. Instead of enduring such damage and the resultant repair costs, it's easier and cheaper to have the tree removed instead.

If you need commercial tree removal, talk to a tree removalist or an arborist and have the trees in question cut down safely without causing damage to your premises.