Landscaping? 5 Great Ideas to Get You Started

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Landscaping? 5 Great Ideas to Get You Started

7 November 2017
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Proper landscaping is essential to any home. A well-maintained yard improves your quality of life and can also increase the perceived value of your property. It can also provide utility by creating areas you can use for outdoor activities. Here are some ideas  for proper landscaping.

Incorporate Tress in Your Yard

Trees are a mainstay in beautifying the grounds. Planting trees helps improve air quality in your environment. A tree produces on average around 260 pounds of oxygen annually through its physiological processes while eliminating approximately 300 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. Having one or more trees in your landscaping plan also provides shade during hot, summer days, reducing your overall energy bill. 

Before going ahead with planting trees, you need to know the best variety for your particular area. Consult an arborist to know what type of tree is suitable for your environment and how you can best incorporate them into your landscaping strategy. These professionals also provide tree maintenance services. 

Position Your Sprinklers Properly

Watering the plant life in your yard is vital as it keeps them healthy. Sprinklers help automate this function. Position them near the target plants such that they water the roots and not the leaves. Contrary to popular opinion, focusing your watering efforts on the leaves isn't recommended. It can damage them by introducing fungus due to moisture on the leaves. Additionally, water that first lands on leaves has a higher probability of evaporating before reaching the roots. Increase the effectiveness of your watering efforts by ensuring moisture is directed to the roots.

Time When You Water

Water plant life when there is the least chance of evaporation to minimize the total amount of moisture lost per session. A recommended time is before 9 in the morning. Your plants will not be receiving water in the middle of the day's heat but rather at a cooler time of the day which leads to more moisture retention. 

Construct Pathways to Manage Trampling

Install slate, wooden plank or paving stone steps in your yard to indicate where people should walk to avoid trampling the lawn and disturbing the grass.

Take Advantage of Color

Make your yard pop by including various color plants in your landscaping. Mix and match foliage colors to provide a stunning visual effect for your yard and underscore its beauty.

Landscaping in the home plays a functional role while also beautifying the space. A focus on maintaining the plant life and creatively using its appearance will bring out he best of your yard.