Why Choose Stump Grinding Over Other Tree Stump Removal Methods?

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Why Choose Stump Grinding Over Other Tree Stump Removal Methods?

10 April 2018
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When you cut down a tree in your home, it is imperative that you deal with the remaining stump as quick as possible. That's because besides creating an unsightly appearance in your garden, tree stumps can be a safety hazard for kids and pets and will give you a hard time when mowing your lawn. There are different methods of removing tree stumps and you need to be careful when choosing one. Some of the common methods include excavation, use of chemicals, and stump grinding. Each of these methods comes with its pros and cons but choosing stump grinding will offer you an edge in the following ways.

Stump Grinding Is Quicker and More Efficient

Excavation and use of chemicals tend to take a considerable amount of time and due to the aforementioned reasons, you need a faster method to remove the tree stump. With stump grinding, it will only take a few hours to remove the stump. In cases when chemicals are used, some attention and work will be required from you over a period of time to ensure the chemicals work effectively. This can take considerably longer.

Stump Grinding Is Less Disruptive to The Surrounding

Excavation will leave holes in your property, which will have to be filled. On the other hand, the use of chemicals may introduce some elements into your property that may not be good for your landscaping. For instance, some chemical products may affect the ability of certain types of plants to grow around the area. Contaminating the stumps with chemicals may even lead to diseases that may spread to surrounding trees. Stump grinding, however, only takes care of the stump itself. A stump grinder will reduce the stump to the ground level, leaving a clear and clean slate due to the ease of manoeuvring the machine to the location of the stump. This means you can carry on with your landscaping plans around the area without worrying.

Stump Grinding Is Good for Garden Care

Grinding the tree stump leaves lots of sawdust. While this may be messy, it is good for garden care. You can use the sawdust as mulch. Sawdust is also useful in a range of other applications such as fuel or as an alternative to your clay cat litter.

If you love taking on some projects around your home on your own and saving some money in the process, you can rent a tree stump grinder and remove the stump on your own provided you follow the right steps. Otherwise, consider professional tree stump grinding services, such as Family Tree Care Pty Ltd.