Don't Wait Until It's Urgent to Call an Arborist – Have Your Trees Inspected Regularly

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Don't Wait Until It's Urgent to Call an Arborist – Have Your Trees Inspected Regularly

12 September 2018
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Unlike small garden plants, trees don't need much of your attention. Their large, deep roots mean you won't need to be out in the garden watering them when it's hot, and you can get away without doing any of the regular gardening tasks like deadheading and pruning.

It's because of this that most people would never think to call an arborist unless they had a tree that was obviously damaged, diseased or otherwise problematic. The trouble is, you're actually putting your tree at risk by relying on your own opinion. In fact, there are a few very good reasons to have a professional inspect your tree on a regular basis.

Bad weather can cause unseen damage

If you've had a period of severe weather like bad storms, you probably take a look at any trees you have to make sure they're not damaged.

That's a sensible thing to do, but it's difficult to get a good idea of your tree's health by looking at it with untrained eyes, especially if you're doing so from the ground. Hiring a professional arborist to inspect the tree can reveal damage that's hidden from sight or not immediately obvious, so they can perform some strategic lopping and stop it getting worse.

The signs of disease aren't always obvious

Trees can look perfectly healthy from the outside whilst harbouring fungal problems or pests inside. In many cases, you won't see any of the signs unless you're trained and experienced. This is one of the biggest reasons regular professional inspections are a good idea. An arborist can look for signs of disease recommend treatment or removal of the tree before it falls unexpectedly.

An arborist can sometimes predict dangerous growth

Branches can grow close to buildings or power lines, causing serious danger. Most homeowners don't notice this until the branches are already hazardously close. Someone with a lot of experience with trees will notice where branches are likely to end up growing, giving them the opportunity to lop them and prevent future problems. If the tree's position is the problem, they can remove it for you before it causes any damage.

You can keep your tree looking as beautiful as possible

Sometimes, lopping or pruning is more about the aesthetic appeal of a tree than it is about safety. The best way to keep a tree looking beautiful is with regular inspections and a little bit of careful lopping.

The more you work with the same tree removal professionals, the better they'll get to know your trees. They can keep them looking their best, and they'll always know exactly what needs to be done.