Why You May Need Emergency Tree Removal Service

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Why You May Need Emergency Tree Removal Service

9 May 2019
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Trees are one of the most valuable things to have on your property because they have many benefits, from adding kerb appeal to replenishing oxygen supply to providing a cooling effect on hot days. But they can also be a cause of injury or even death if they fall on people. For this reason, it is important to remove trees that pose a danger to you and other people on your private property.

Below are some situations that may require you to call a tree removal service.

Diseased Trees

While a tree may look healthy on the exterior, the inside may be diseased or weak. This can be quite an issue since the degree of risk may be invisible to you. Tree removal experts have the skills and tools necessary to diagnose the problem, whether it's hollow trunks, dead and falling leaves, cavities in the trunk or something else. 

Depending on the state of damage, a skilled tree service expert will then decide on the best solution including trimming, treatment or removal. You can request a quick examination of any other trees on your property to find out if the disease has spread. This prevents future duplication of the problem.

Weak Base

The root system of a tree is its foundation and provides stability. Weak, rotten or damaged root systems increase the possibility of a collapse or break, especially due to heavy storms or soil erosion. Preventative measures offered by professional tree removal services include reinforcement around the root area and supports for the trunk and branches. If the damage is not reversible, then the tree is removed.

Stormy Weather

Cases of broken branches and fallen trees during stormy weather aren't uncommon. The risk escalates if there are trees growing near buildings, roads and busy areas. If you live in an area prone to wind storms and heavy rain, consider felling large trees that are located too close to your house. This will help to eliminate safety risks associated with fallen trees.

Attempting DIY tree removal is a risky undertaking, especially for trees near buildings and power lines. In addition, regular homeowners lack the know-how and tools from proper and safe removal. Consult an expert to ensure you, your family and neighbours are safe. In addition, removal by experts can minimise the damage caused to a property, thereby minimising repair and restoration costs. In addition, they would know the right authorities to call if, for example, the tree has fallen on power lines.