Tree Landscaping Supplies You Need for Planting Season

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Tree Landscaping Supplies You Need for Planting Season

23 July 2019
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One of the ways you can update your landscape is to plant trees. Landscaping with trees gives you several benefits including shade, fruit or nuts, depending on the trees you choose. If you are planning on doing this kind of landscaping yourself, there are several items you will need to make the project go smoothly. Here are a few of the supplies you can get from landscape tree suppliers to help you with your tree planting project.

Rubber Mulch

Some kinds of mulch are made of a recycled rubber material. If you are planting trees, this type of mulch can be ideal. The mulch does not need replacement or the same upkeep that a traditional mulch or pine straw would require. The rubber mulch will not wash out or degrade like traditional mulch will in certain weather conditions. It also offers the same benefits of traditional mulch to your tree beds. For example, it reduces soil washout, weed growth, and bug infestation. Your landscape tree suppliers will have various styles of rubber mulch available to fit your landscaping design.

Fertilizer Spikes

You know your trees will need ongoing fertilizer to maintain growth. This can be a time-consuming task, especially during extreme weather conditions and temperatures. One way you can cut your work time down and still fertilize your trees with the nutrients they need is to use fertilizer spikes. These spikes can be placed in the ground around the tree. Some options are made to be refilled while others degrade into the soil over time. Depending on what type of fertilizer you use, you will need to replace the spike based on the manufacturer suggestion.

Stakes and Ties

If the trees are still saplings, you will need to use stakes and ties to hold them upright. The stakes are placed around the tree in the ground and ties are run from the stakes to the tree trunk. These ties are removed when the tree can stand on its own in the ground. Depending on the tree you have, you may need specific ties and stakes to handle the weight or the growth of the tree. Your landscape tree suppliers can help you with the right options for your needs. 

When you are ready to buy your supplies and get started on your tree landscaping project, contact your landscape tree suppliers. They can help you with the right choices for your specific landscaping needs. They can also answer questions regarding specific trees and how well they will do in your environment. If you need suggestions, they can also offer assistance. 

For more information, contact a landscape tree supplier.