5 Amazing Benefits of Tree Stump Removal

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5 Amazing Benefits of Tree Stump Removal

26 August 2020
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When a tree is removed from your yard, the unsightly stump that's left behind can be dangerous in many ways. Having it removed helps you avoid problems that you would have had to deal with later. However, rather than trying to remove the stump yourself, try looking for a tree service contractor to use their specialised services to remove the stump. This will ensure that the stump is removed in a safe and professional manner, using the right equipment. Continue reading for five amazing benefits of tree stump removal

Restoring Aesthetic Appeal

If you think a tree stump is unsightly soon after the tree is cut, imagine how much worse it'll get once it starts to rot. Dead tree stumps can cause your neat and well-kept yard to look neglected and unappealing. Removing the stump can help restore your yard to its former appeal, restoring property value. 

While still on aesthetics, you need to also consider space. Especially if you have a small yard, a tree stump takes up a lot of unnecessary space that could be used otherwise. 

Increasing Safety 

Tree stumps in your yard are a tripping hazard for the people involved. It's dangerous for kids, elderly citizens, or pets who may end up with serious injuries. Stump removal is not only beneficial for your family members. If an outsider gets an injury on your property, you could be liable to pay a lot of money to cater for the injuries. 

Avoiding a Breeding Ground for Pests

Tree stumps provide a great breeding ground for pests and diseases. For example, termites and other wood-eating insects can soon move in your yard and may find their way into your home, compromising your home's structural integrity. Possums may also make your yard their home and breeding ground, which poses a risk of contracting rodent-related diseases like rabies.  

Spreading Disease To Other Plants

If the tree died of disease, you have all the reasons to remove the tree stump. It risks spreading the disease to other plants in your yard, and soon, you risk having to clear your entire yard. By removing the tree stump, you're preventing the disease from infecting other trees that are in close proximity to the stump. 

Preventing Re-Sprouting of the Tree

Whether due to disease or necessity, you must have had your reasons for removing the tree stump from your yard. Stumps that are left on your yard could sprout and grow again into a fully grown tree. This could cause you to have another tree removal project sometimes later. This is both time-consuming and expensive.

Removing a tree stump improves the aesthetics of the property and protects against pests and diseases. Ensure you hire a tree service to remove the tree stump in a safe and professional manner.