4 Hacks That Will Keep Aquatic Weeds from Wreaking Havoc in Your Water Garden

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4 Hacks That Will Keep Aquatic Weeds from Wreaking Havoc in Your Water Garden

9 June 2021
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Weeds can be a menace in your garden if left unattended. They tend to grow and spread rather easily. What's more, they will compete with your plants for space, nutrients, light and water, keeping them from flourishing. And since most weeds tend to be adapted to the areas they grow, getting rid of them is not always easy. That is why you must have the best techniques at hand to help you manage the weeds effectively throughout the year. If you have a water garden, here are some quick handy tips for weed control.

Mechanical Removal

Removing weeds mechanically from your garden seems labour intensive, but it's usually the most environmentally friendly option. Ideally, using chemical controls like herbicides should not be your first solution to managing weeds. Some of these herbicides don't remain in the water system for too long before breaking down, but you risk damaging the plants and wildlife in your garden if you use them excessively.

Mechanical removal may involve the use of hands, cutting, raking and nets. For instance, you can skim the water surface using a rake to get rid of blanket weed. Rakes and nets will also come in handy for floating weeds like duckweed. For submerged weeds, cutting or raking will do the trick. Understanding the type of weeds you're dealing with is also crucial when it comes to removal. For instance, emergent weeds like reeds have root-like structures that enable them to reproduce. Therefore, cutting the plant won't be enough, so you must remove them at the roots.


Barriers are another option to consider for managing the weeds in your garden. They help control weeds by blocking sunlight and are especially ideal for weeds that grow from the roots. Plastic or woven barriers are some of the options you will find, but they can be quite expensive and aren't a solution for floating weeds.

UV Clarification/Sterilisation

Investing in UV clarifiers or sterilisers can also help keep weeds from your water garden, especially if you have an algae problem. The equipment uses ultraviolet bulbs that emit high-intensity ultraviolet light, which in turn kills off the algae and other organisms like bacteria and parasites.


Shading works by limiting the amount of sunlight available to weeds like algae, thus reducing reproduction. Therefore, grow some shade-producing plants like red oaks and tulip trees around your garden. However, other plants in your water garden that depend on sunlight may suffer from the shading, too, so remember not to overdo it.

Contact a local weed control service to learn more.