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I'd always loved walking in forests and woodland areas, but I never really took the time to learn about the different species of tree — they all looked the same to me! That all changed when a relative gifted me a beautifully detailed book on local wildlife. From there, I was on a mission to learn all I could about trees, from oak to elm, beech to ash. I've set up this site to share my journey with you. Watch out for fun tree facts, tips on caring for trees on your property, and advice on tree planting and removal.


5 Amazing Benefits of Tree Stump Removal

26 August 2020
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When a tree is removed from your yard, the unsightly stump that's left behind can be dangerous in many ways. Having it removed helps you avoid problems that you would have had to deal with later. However, rather than trying to remove the stump yourself, try looking for a tree service contractor to use their specialised services to remove the stump. This will ensure that the stump is removed in a safe and professional manner, using the right equipment. Read More …