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I'd always loved walking in forests and woodland areas, but I never really took the time to learn about the different species of tree — they all looked the same to me! That all changed when a relative gifted me a beautifully detailed book on local wildlife. From there, I was on a mission to learn all I could about trees, from oak to elm, beech to ash. I've set up this site to share my journey with you. Watch out for fun tree facts, tips on caring for trees on your property, and advice on tree planting and removal.


Top Reasons You Shouldn’t Put Off Having Your Trees Pruned

16 September 2021
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If you have trees in your yard, then you should make it a point to have them pruned regularly. Of all of the different things that you have to do to take care of your yard and your home, it is easy to put off having your trees pruned since it might not actually seem like it's something really important for you to have done. However, you shouldn't put off tree pruning because it is more important than you might think for the reasons listed below. Read More …

4 Hacks That Will Keep Aquatic Weeds from Wreaking Havoc in Your Water Garden

9 June 2021
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Weeds can be a menace in your garden if left unattended. They tend to grow and spread rather easily. What's more, they will compete with your plants for space, nutrients, light and water, keeping them from flourishing. And since most weeds tend to be adapted to the areas they grow, getting rid of them is not always easy. That is why you must have the best techniques at hand to help you manage the weeds effectively throughout the year. Read More …