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I'd always loved walking in forests and woodland areas, but I never really took the time to learn about the different species of tree — they all looked the same to me! That all changed when a relative gifted me a beautifully detailed book on local wildlife. From there, I was on a mission to learn all I could about trees, from oak to elm, beech to ash. I've set up this site to share my journey with you. Watch out for fun tree facts, tips on caring for trees on your property, and advice on tree planting and removal.


Don’t Wait Until It’s Urgent to Call an Arborist – Have Your Trees Inspected Regularly

12 September 2018
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Unlike small garden plants, trees don't need much of your attention. Their large, deep roots mean you won't need to be out in the garden watering them when it's hot, and you can get away without doing any of the regular gardening tasks like deadheading and pruning. It's because of this that most people would never think to call an arborist unless they had a tree that was obviously damaged, diseased or otherwise problematic. Read More …

Why Choose Stump Grinding Over Other Tree Stump Removal Methods?

10 April 2018
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When you cut down a tree in your home, it is imperative that you deal with the remaining stump as quick as possible. That's because besides creating an unsightly appearance in your garden, tree stumps can be a safety hazard for kids and pets and will give you a hard time when mowing your lawn. There are different methods of removing tree stumps and you need to be careful when choosing one. Read More …