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I'd always loved walking in forests and woodland areas, but I never really took the time to learn about the different species of tree — they all looked the same to me! That all changed when a relative gifted me a beautifully detailed book on local wildlife. From there, I was on a mission to learn all I could about trees, from oak to elm, beech to ash. I've set up this site to share my journey with you. Watch out for fun tree facts, tips on caring for trees on your property, and advice on tree planting and removal.


5 Common Reasons To Seek Tree Removal From Commercial Premises

31 December 2016
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Normally, most tree removal services are carried out on residential premises. However, commercial premises need tree removal services as well. This service can be sought on commercial premises where the tree(s) in question is hampering the aesthetics, safety or the ability of the occupants to work. In this article, learn about the different reasons why you may need to seek a tree removal service at work. Excessive noise from birds nesting on trees Read More …

Tips to Prevent a Tree Limb from Growing Back After Lopping

30 December 2016
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It's important that you ask a professional tree services company to prune and lop any large trees that you have growing on your land every year to keep them healthy and free from disease. You can tackle smaller specimens yourself if you want to. But how do you prevent the branches from subsequently growing back? Here's how to keep your trees looking neat and tidy by preventing the regrowth of pruned branches. Read More …

3 Easy Ideas to Refresh Your Garden

20 December 2016
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Taking care of your garden often requires a huge time commitment—and if you're not absolutely in love with the arrangement you have out there, it can be difficult to motivate yourself to work hard at it. However, remodelling can be expensive, especially if you change your mind about a feature and need to replace it yet again. In all, gardens can be problematic until you have them absolutely right—but here are a couple of low-maintenance ideas for changing up the space in your garden, bringing it a couple of steps closer to perfection. Read More …

Do-it-Yourself Tree Trimming: Important Tips that You Must Keep in Mind

16 December 2016
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Trees are an essential part of your home and you need to take good care of them to get the most of what is growing in your garden. Their benefits range from providing shade in the home to preventing soil erosion in your garden, using their roots to bind soil particles together. One way of keeping trees healthy is by trimming them to remove excess branches. This ensures that you get rid of any infected sections of the tree while allowing growth through the improved distribution of nutrients. Read More …

Having a Tree Removed? Three Novel Ways to Use the Leftover Wood Around Your Garden

7 December 2016
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Having a tree removed leaves you with a whole lot of wood, and you might be wondering what to do with it. Burning it on a fire is the obvious option but isn't very interesting and won't be relevant if you don't have a fireplace. Finding ways to use the wood around your garden is a nice way to allow the tree to 'live on', and you can create some really useful and unique features. Read More …